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Organizations cannot use manual processes to gather data from ongoing streams and register real-time changes. When the right data is delivered at the right time — to the people that need it — the results can be transformative.

No Recording

No Photogrpahy

No Cloud Computing

No Personal Identifiable Information

No Estimation


Aggregation of real-world data and NOT estimation of objects and/or people is essential to gaining a firm-grasp on the accurate reach of any inventory in the field. Our Mini-ITX format products in the Osprey product-line use a combination of compute power, CUDA cores, and computer vision sensors to gather raw data from a live-stream. Without over-loading the parameters, we're able to reliably provide object counts of multiple classifications and dwell-times by time of day and day of week. No recording, No photogrpahy, No Cloud computing, No collection of personal or public data and No estimation of reach. 



Understanding what's happening in-front of your digital displays is not rocket science. It is critical to understanding what humans are doing in-front of your display and how much time they spend interacting or engaging with the messaging when it is targeted to their age-group and gender in-real-time. Our K series product-line uses SBC architecture and computer vision sensors and allows publishers to collect raw anonymous data about humans and the interactions they have with the message via targeting, touch, bluetooth notifications, RFID and QR codes.

K-250 GEN.01


Do you know how many humans and what age-group and gender entered your store or wandered around your which of your merchandise today? Retailers can now use our M-series product-line to assess customer behaviour and take-steps to improve in-store customer experience. While not infringing on any visitor or customers' privacy. Our systems DO NOT capture any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of any human. Detection, NOT Recognition is the way forward in the world of global media and worldwide regulations. 

M-100 GEN.01

​Let’s talk about accuracy in-the-wild;

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