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Easy to deploy hardware and machine learning built for real-world data acquisition and analytics to help improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantage

Edge Computing and Computer Vision

to acquire verifiable data.


targeted CPM model

targeted content delivery to the right demographic in-real-time allows use of a reliable CPM billing model by publishers.


hardware bundle

A total solution is bundled into a predictable cost model with leasing terms to remove the burden of IT asset acquisition and maintenance.


Media Exchange

Using advertiser-defined parameters to place real-time bids on out-of-home inventory and acquire available media to publish across formats and locations.



Real-world application

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that enables machines to interpret and understand the visual world, using algorithms and sensors to analyze images and videos.

We did not know the actual reach of our screens anywhere. Once we started using both algorithms, we found that the truck stop and parking lot screens have much better reach per hour than all screens combined inside the strip mall. 

Suzzanne L.

Media Manager, Retail Park Conglomerate

Targeted advertising is changing the game. Our sports arena screens have provided us with better revenue than ever. No more crazy experiments with reach measurement; just install, measure and report campaigns. We activate products to younger audiences using integrated beacons; when the crowd goes wild after a home-team goal.

Frederick J.
COO, Sports Arena Network 

We're using both huckleberry and signage studio LIVE inside 9800+ cabs across Chicagoland, Florida and Texas. The level of optimsation to run audience measurement and targeting on tablet without needing a large graphics card is amazing. Kudos to the engineering team at tefoLOGIC. 

Paul D.

Co-founder at Advention


What customers are saying

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